Restaurant and Bar


Pre-Order food options
Price per person
Beef on the spit + salads and rolls R170
Lamb on the spit + salads and rolls R180
Braai packs + salads and rolls R160
Bring and Braai will be subject to a charge per person R75



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Platter 1 R420.00
Samoosas, chicken nuggets, pork sausages, chicken wings, meatballs, chicken & cheese Russians.

Platter 2 R415.00
Delicious brown and white sandwiches with an assortment of fillings

Platter 3 R435.00
Bite sized healthy sandwiches filled with tuna mayo, salad, cottage cheese & pineapple, cheese & tomato and egg mayo.

Platter 4 R440.00
Sausage Rolls, Meatballs, Chicken and cheese Russians.

Platter 5 R445.00
Best quality Italian salami, ham, beef, garnished with parsley, gherkins and black olives.

Platter 6 R450.00
An array of delicious toasted sandwiches consisting of cheese & tomato, bacon & cheese, bacon, cheese & egg and ham and cheese.

Platter 7 R485.00
Vegetable spring rolls, cheese & onion samoosas, vegetarian sandwiches, mini pita pockets with various fillings, cheese & gherkins garnished with parsley and carrot sticks.

Platter 8 R545.00
Meatballs, samoosas, fish bites, chicken wings and chicken nuggets.

Platter 9 R570.00
Drumsticks, wings and nuggets cooked to perfection

Platter 10 R615.00
Drumsticks, wings and cocktail ribs basted and cooked to perfection.

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As we are a fully licensed venue, we are unable to permit any soft drinks, beers, ciders or hard liquor brought onto our premises.

Please note that prices are subject to change due to inflation.

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