Go Kart Track
Price Per Person
4 Laps R130
6 Laps R155
11 Laps R210
Play Centre
Price Per Child
Whole day R20
Price Per Group
Per Hour R110
Price Per Person
Per 10 Arrows R150
Range fee, Equipment and 50 Bullets R130
Range fee, Equipment and 100 Bullets R155
Range fee, Equipment and 200 Bullets R205
Target shooting, 50 bullets R110
Own gun with 50 bullets R110
Own gun with 100 bullets R130
Own gun with 200 bullets R170
Extra bullets
X 50 R70
Range fee/With own Gun, no bullets permitted R70
Box bullets 2000 R1000
Pre-Order food options
Price Per Person
Beef on the spit + salads and rolls R170
Lamb on the spit + salads and rolls R180
Braai packs + salads and rolls R160
Bring and Braai will be subject to a charge per person R75

As we are a fully licensed venue, we are unable to permit any soft drinks, beers, ciders or hard liquor brought onto our premises.

Please note that prices are subject to change due to inflation.

Download Our 2017 Rates
Click Here to download Our 2017 Rates

160 Replies to “Rates”

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